My troubled underarms

I personally hate shaving. I get razor bumps and ingrown hairs and in the end my skin just looks terrible. I started getting waxed recently and it works out better for my skin, the hair takes longer to grow back, no ingrown hairs and no razor bumps so you can imagine my joy. As a college student though, my pockets aren’t always full so when hard times come along and its winter time when I wear long sleeves everyday anyway, I don’t shave. It’s my preference. The hair may give me extra warmth anyway (I think…).

Because a lot of the deodorants on the market irritate my skin, I did my research and found natural/organic deodorants. Annoyingly they are a bit more expensive ranging from nine dollars all the way up to twenty dollars as far as I’ve seen. I also felt so much more pressure when choosing because this is where I questioned whether the more expensive ones are better. It’s much different than going to the health and beauty section of a grocery store and picking between clear or non-clear ones or scented versus unscented. When I was picking through natural/organic deodorants, the question was the ingredients. Does it have aluminum? does it have any drying agents? does it have ingredients that I cannot pronounce? As a basic rule, when I look at any ingredient list, I try to read out the words, if the first five ingredients of a product are words that are long and unpronounceable, that is usually a red flag for me. When I think natural, I think raw, basic, recognizable and that is exactly what the deodorants I picked gave me when I looked at their list of ingredients.

Natural/organic deodorants come in various packages. There is stick deodorant, which will look just like any stick deodorants you can buy at the store. There is deodorant cream which will have a looser consistency and usually comes in a jar. Lastly there is deodorant spray which comes in a spray bottle just like a perfume mist. So far, I have tried out two companies. I know that is not a a lot but deodorant is not something that finishes fast. One of the companies is Soap Walla Kitchen which is located in Brooklyn, New York. It is vegan and all their products are made locally. I ordered their deodorant cream in ‘citrus’ from their website It was fast delivery and it came with a hand written note thanking me which I loved.


As you can see from one of the pictures, the consistency is grainy from the sodium bicarbonate also known as baking soda. It goes on pretty well on my skin and because of the oils, you do not need a lot to get the job done.

The second company that I have tried out so far is Bubble and Bee Organic. I got their ‘Pit Putty’ stick deodorant in the scent almond coconut from their website There are a lot of disclaimers about the stick crumbling in hotter temperatures which is because there are no synthetic ingredients in it to keep it together so that is something to be aware of. For that same reason, the way to apply it is also delicate because it can fall apart. Push the stick up just a bit and apply it in a downward motion. If you are vigorous, it may fall apart and putting all the crumbled pieces back is tedious especially if you are like me and leaving the house in the morning is always rushed. The product label does a lot of explaining about this as well which I thought was very helpful. So far so good with this product and I love the stick because applying soap walla kitchen’s deodorant cream always needed me to wash my hands or wipe them after which I now don’t have to do with the ‘pit putty.’



I must address an issue that always comes up when I mention my switch to natural deodorants. The one I get most often is, “I heard that that stuff doesn’t really mask the smell of sweat.” I am not afraid of body odor. I believe that it is useful in someway since our body omits it. I believe that as long as you take showers daily, you will be okay. Of course if you participate in extra-curricular activities that cause you to sweat more than normal then you might want to re-apply a few times through the day. Also, I am aware that some people have more active sweat glands than others. It is definitely a give or take situation. If you don’t like to sweat or see it on your shirts then natural/organic deodorants may not be for you and that is okay.

As with everything in life, there are pros and cons. These products do not irritate my skin which is a plus for me and as long as my skin is happy and healthy, I am too. On the other hand, these products do leave white residue on your clothing around the under arm areas which may not be pleasing to the eye especially during the summer months when wearing sleeveless tops and such. But as Shan Boodram says, “I own it, they love it.” My advice would be its just a little deodorant, not anything nasty or weird so own it, and they will love it!

Do what makes you happy.




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