My journey to the top of a mountain

It’s been a long time and I’m not sure what has been holding me back from writing. I’m currently sitting in the library in front of notes and study guides for my macroeconomics test tomorrow not to mention the pre-lab assignment that I have to complete that is buried under the pile of the latter. There has been a lot of progression in my life over the course of months. Moving to a small town has been interesting. Not making friends instantly has been even more interesting. Sometimes I forget that I am not 10 years old anymore when making friends was a piece of cake. Being older definitely makes you more picky. Suddenly you want friends who have the same interests, same moral compass. I don’t really mind being a loner to be honest, but then again I’m not that much of a loner. I have a guy. I also have my friends back home who I also keep in contact with. God has been good to me, and I am truly blessed to be where I am.

Stress is already encroaching on my life and it’s only been a month since I got back from winter break. There is pressure for me to achieve better grades than last semester, and doubt that I’ll be able to exceed my expectations but I have my boots strapped on tight this time. I won’t let myself fall aimlessly on my behind again. Someone thought to take me on a trip up a mountain to get my mind off things a few weeks back …

Walked up these stairs to catch the view of a very peaceful scene
I was on top of a mountain!
T’was frigid up there; couldn’t feel my ears, but it was worth it.

I don’t know if there are any students reading this but if you are, how is your semester coming along?




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