Dear Cucu …

Even though I know that you are in a better place, I wish you were still here. Your death has crushed my heart. I had made plans of coming to spend time with you next summer, but we plan, and God laughs.

I was looking forward to the old tales you would tell me about back in the day when you were young, or how you met granddad, or even how my dad acted when he was a young boy. I was excited for the laughs, the prayers that I know you would recite with your rosary.  I wish I could go to the garden with you one more time, I wish I could help you feed your goats one more time. I wish.

Your wisdom and strength will never be forgotten and even during my hardest times I’ll always remember how much you fought. You were strong willed and I know that’s something I adopted from you in addition to your name. Being around such a generous and loving soul is something that I will miss greatly.

I thank God for the privilege to know you.

Rest in eternal peace Cucu ♥


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